Pediatric Therapy Center of NWFL was established as a provider of occupational, physical and speech therapy to children from birth to twenty one years of age.  We serve children in clinic environments, child care centers, homes, and schools in Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Escambia counties.  Pediatric Therapy Center of NWFL is owned by Kids Talk Place, LLC.

Our mission is to provide quality, evidence-based, multidisciplinary therapy services in tandem with the child’s family.  Our caring staff is committed to meeting the individual needs of children and their parents by providing a comfortable environment where families can enjoy their children and rejoice in their achievements. 

The PTC team of pediatric specialists includes occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists who work closely together to create individualized treatment plans.  Therapy is carried out in an atmosphere focused on creativity and fun, where every child can be successful.

PTC values the critical role that families play in their child's development.  Training is provided to families and caregivers on ways to incorporate therapeutic activities into their daily routines.   We want you to be an integral and active participant in your child’s therapy and learn how to provide an environment for your child and family that will support his/her development.  We also want you to be involved in establishing goals, treatment planning, home exercises, and discharge planning.  Our intention is to move towards a level of independence within everyone’s abilities.