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Birth to 3 Months
  Look at speakers face   Begin rolling
  Smile when talked to   On stomach, lift head and chest up
  Recognize mother   Kick legs
  Mouth objects   Follow a moving object with his/her eyes

4 to 6 Months
  Laugh aloud   Reach for toys with either hand
  Turn eyes toward sound   Have good head control when pulled to sit
  Show excitement in anticipation of mealtimes   Roll from stomach to back and back to stomach
  Mouth objects      

7 to 12 Months
  Stop an activity when told "no"   Belly crawl or creep on hands and knees
  Give a toy on request   Walk holding on to furniture
  Wave when told "bye bye"   Bang two objects together
  Babble several sounds   Sit without support

13 to 18 Months
  Respond to simple commands   Stand alone well
  Know three body parts   Walk independently
  Say 10 to 15 words spontaneously   Stop and go without falling
  Touch pictures in a book   Throw a ball

19 to 24 Months
  Combine two words   Jump in place
  Refer to self by name   Squat while playing
  Vocalize to music   Begin balancing on one foot
  Respond to simple yes/no questions   Turn pages in a book

2 to 3 Years
  Follow a two-step command   Pedal a tricycle
  Name several pictures   Walk up and down stairs with ease
  Know the use of objects   Run well
  Have a vocabulary of 300 words   Show preference for either the right or left hand

3 to 4 Years
  Name all colors   Climb and swing
  Identify his/her age and sex   Stand on one foot for five seconds
  Have a vocabulary of 500+ words   Jump forward two feet
  Say the following sounds: m, n, w, f, k, d, s, r   Copy a circle