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  Speech Therapy  

Speech and language therapy helps children and adolescents with receptive and expressive language development, articulation/speech production, social communication, auditory processing, voice and fluency challenges. Therapy will help enable a child to express their wants and needs, interact and communicate effectively with others, develop meaningful relationships, and participate in family, school, and community settings with success.

Our pediatric speech language pathologists are trained
to work with the following areas:

  Apraxia of Speech   Fluency
  Articulation/Phonological Disorders   Hearing Impairment
  Auditory Processing Disorder   Oral Motor Skills
  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices   Language Delays/disorders
(receptive and expressive)
  Autism Spectrum Disorder   Social language/Pragmatics
  Early Intervention   Voice
  Feeding/Swallowing disorders      
  In the area of speech and language, our clinicians have a variety of specialized training that we incorporate into the therapy sessions which include:  
  Kaufman (build successive approximations to target speech sound disorders/apraxia)
  Talk Tools - Oral placement therapy
  Hanen Program
  SOS Approach to Feeding
  Early Intervention
  MA CAT (Motor Activities for Children in Articulation Therapy)